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The Importance of Collagen 

Collagen is the primary building block in the body that is responsible for the structure, support, and strength of the skin, muscles, bones, and connective tissues. Often called a fountain of youth, the critical component in human makeup keeps the skin looking plump and firm. 

While there are at least 28 types of collagen in the body, types one and two are imperative for providing flexibility to the skin and elasticity to the tissue. As it pertains to aging, this means collagen helps to maintain a youthful appearance and plays a crucial role in wound healing.

Long story short? Collagen is an incredibly important protein that is produced naturally in the body. However, as we age, our body gradually makes less. Unable to keep up with production of collagen, the signs of aging begin — skin laxity, fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, etc. 

While we’ll celebrate a mature look any day, maintaining collagen production at your highest potential level throughout life not only helps with a confidence boost, it can also lead to a FUNCTIONAL boost. Given the dual benefits, it’s time to consider adding a collagen boost to your skincare and healthcare regimen. 

These are a few of our favorite Collagen Boost treatments to help nourish and restore the skin while also keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay:

Firm skin with Radiesse Skin Wash (HD Radiesse)

A popular dermal filler used to restore volume and smooth fine lines and wrinkles, Radiesse, on its own, already has something of a cult following for its effective longevity and reliability – hint – it has to do with collagen production. 

HD Radiesse is an innovative use of this established product, in which it is re-formulated to allow a wider distribution to the treated skin. When applied at various levels of the skin, the immediate and long-term effect is an increase in both types I and III Collagen – leading to a natural and restored boost to the skin, honoring each individual’s beauty.

Naturally, Restore with Fibrin Collagen Boost.

Fibrin Collagen Boost utilizes your own growth factors to rejuvenate the skin and helps to restore the function of surrounding structures. Intrigued? Keep reading. After drawing a small amount of blood, it is placed in a centrifuge that separates and concentrates naturally sourced growth factors from platelets and white blood cells. The newly acquired platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) can be applied to the treatment area through injections or topically. 

PRF can be combined with microneedling, PDO threads, and energy-based devices (radiofrequency and laser resurfacing). The result is lifted, more youthful-looking skin with improved texture. 

PDO (Polydioxanone) Threads

PDO threads also help to smooth, contour, and tighten skin by – you guessed it – boosting collagen production. There are various types of threads, which are essentially a complex dissolving sugar commonly used for sutures. They commonly come in various sizes and textures (smooths, twists, contoured or barbed) depending on the intended use, such as texture enhancement or gentle contouring. Once the threads have been placed in the desired area, they gradually dissolve while also stimulating collagen production in the treated area. 


Sculptra is a groundbreaking dermal filler that provides a solution for aging, combining elegance with natural rejuvenation. This innovation in skincare is geared towards countering the effects of time, offering a fresh perspective on anti-aging treatments.

Sculptra stands apart from typical fillers. Its effectiveness isn’t limited to surface-level enhancements – it stimulates the production of collagen within your skin. This process works to restore volume that has been lost over time, all while subtly elevating your natural features.

At Coastal Dermatology and Aesthetics, we’re proud to offer this cutting-edge treatment. Our proficient team, led by the board-certified dermatologist Dr. Kilcline, is wholly dedicated to helping you attain a lasting, youthful, and radiant complexion.

Comprehensive Treatment Approach

At our San Luis Obispo center, we believe in a comprehensive approach to skincare, providing a wide spectrum of treatment options in a secure and aesthetically pleasing environment. Our services extend beyond superficial solutions; from addressing routine skin concerns such as acne, to diagnosing and treating more severe conditions like skin cancer, we strive to offer holistic, integrated care. This comprehensive approach ensures that we not only treat the symptoms, but also understand and address the underlying causes, facilitating better, lasting results for our patients.

Don’t wait till your collagen runs out to re-up. Give us a call and see which collagen-boosting treatment is right for your aesthetic goals: (805) 544-5567.

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