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Photodynamic Therapy

Discovering signs of skin cancer is enough to scare anyone. Worse still, the thought of going through treatment can take an extreme emotional toll. When it comes to addressing skin cancer, Dr. Kilcline is here to put your mind at ease. At Coastal Dermatology + Aesthetics, we proudly provide photodynamic therapy (PDT) treatment to those struggling with actinic keratoses or other skin cancer types. This revolutionary treatment method uses a special molecule to eliminate cancer and restore your well-being.


What Is Photodynamic Therapy?

Photodynamic therapy (PDT), often referred to as blue light therapy, is a medical treatment that uses a photosensitizing molecule administered in the form of a cream or liquid. When exposed to light, this molecule activates, eliminating thin, superficial skin cancers, other types of cancerous cells, and actinic keratoses. The procedure is easily performed in our San Luis Obispo center and carries little risk of complications. The treatment is so safe, in fact, that is can also be used to treat acne.

Photodynamic Therapy for Skin Cancer and More

The use of blue light therapy is currently FDA-approved for the treatment of early skin cancers like actinic keratoses. While effective at addressing cancer, PDT can also be combined with intense pulsed light or IPL lasers. When combined, the resulting treatments may help alleviate sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles, and ease hyperpigmentation. This dynamic treatment option also reduces oil gland function and is thereby helpful for treating acne and rosacea.

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How Does Photodynamic Therapy Work?

When you first arrive at our center, we will do all we can to ensure that you feel comfortable. This will entail answering any questions you may have and providing you with information about your treatment. If photodynamic therapy is deemed an effective option for you, the session will begin with the application of a photosensitizing liquid or cream. Afterward, you will be asked to wait for 30-60 minutes until the solution is dry. Once dry, the treatment area will be exposed to a light source calibrated to address your specific issue.

What Results Can I Expect?

After your PDT session, you may experience some mild side effects such as redness or irritation similar to a mild sunburn. It is important to avoid direct sun exposure for about two days after your visit. Several treatment sessions, spaced 4-6 weeks apart may be needed depending on your particular condition. On average, a series of 2-3 treatments is all it takes to see effective results. If you have any questions during your session or after your visit, our team is happy to help!

Photodynamic Therapy in San Luis Obispo, CA

When it comes to serious issues like skin cancer, where you get your treatment can make a world of difference. Here in our San Luis Obispo office, we strive to create a fun and welcoming atmosphere while giving you the help you deserve. To get in touch with our team today, please fill out the form below or give us a call at (805) 544-5567. We look forward to seeing you!

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At this time, we are only accepting new patients by referral. Once you receive a referral from your PCP, please fill out the form below or give us a call at (805) 544-5567 to request your appointment. Additionally, all cosmetic consultations require a payment of $125 at the time of booking.