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Collagen Boost

Doesn’t it seem like time moves much faster after you reach your 30s? Around that age, we become settled into our lives and the days seem to zoom past us. Along with this feeling, we can experience gradual but noticeable skin changes. As collagen production declines, we notice the appearance of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and sagging skin. At Coastal Dermatology + Aesthetics, we want to help skin beauty last a little longer. Our collagen boost treatments are designed to stimulate your collagen production and help you retain a radiant, youthful, and timeless complexion for the long-haul.


Collagen Boost Options

Our San Luis Obispo center features a range of treatment options for helping your skin look its absolute best. When you arrive for your consultation, Dr. Kilcline will work with you to determine the best treatment option for your specific needs.

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Radiesse® Skin Wash (Hyperdilute Radiesse®)

The Radiesse® formula has become one of the staples of the skincare and aesthetics industries. At Coastal Dermatology + Aesthetics, our Hyperdilute Radiesse®, or “Radiesse® Skin Wash” treatment is specially mixed for greater distribution in larger skin treatment areas. This unique mixture has a revitalizing rather than a volumizing effect on your skin upon injection. It can be used on the face, neck, chest, and previously difficult to treat areas like the arms, legs, and buttocks. This treatment is performed using a cannula, resulting in little if any bruising. Because it is being injected into a larger surface area, there is little to no swelling either.

Fibrin Collagen Boost

In addition to our Radiesse® Skin Wash system, we also offer our Fibrin Collagen Boost option. This treatment uses plasma derived from a small blood sample to create a fibrin “scaffold” within your skin. This scaffold allows for a slow, but steady release of growth factors and cytokines that help retain your youthful, glowing complexion.

PDO Threads

The PDO Thread Lift treatment by NovaThreads features absorbable, monofilament surgical sutures embedded within fine needles. These non-toxic sugar molecule threads include small umbrella-like attachments that lift and tighten your skin from underneath. In addition to giving your skin a lift, these threads also stimulate your natural healing properties. Over time, your body will produce more collagen, leading to long-lasting, beautiful results.

Combining Collagen Boost with BOTOX® Cosmetic

Though quite effective alone, the Hyperdilute Radiesse® collagen boost can also be combined with BOTOX® Cosmetic injections. This dual-action combo can induce progressive skin improvement by stimulating collagen and ease the appearance of wrinkles in the short term. Like Radiesse®, BOTOX® Cosmetic is minimally-invasive and poses little, if any, post-treatment concerns.


Results of Treatment

Results of collagen and elastin remodeling take time. With the Hyperdilute Radiesse® option, results are seen around four weeks and peak at around the four-month mark. Afterward, you will see your results settle around nine months and retain your collagen boost benefits. More than one treatment may be necessary to achieve the best outcome. Two treatments are typical, though severe sun damage may require more. Our PDO Thread Lift method offers results that last 12-15 months. The Fibrin method provides some visible results after six weeks with the most dramatic effects being seen around 3-4 months. These rejuvenating results can last from 6-12 months.

Cosmetic Consultations at Coastal Dermatology + Aesthetics

At Coastal Dermatology + Aesthetics, we offer 30-minute comprehensive cosmetic consultations. This consultation is the first step in achieving your long-term aesthetic goals. Whether you are new to the world of aesthetics or looking to further explore your options, we have an experienced team of skilled providers to assist you.

Please call the office at (805) 544-5567 to schedule your cosmetic consultation. A $125 consultation fee will apply.

Collagen Boost Treatments in San Luis Obispo, CA

At Coastal Dermatology + Aesthetics, we want to help you feel comfortable in your own skin again. If you’re struggling with sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, or wrinkles, our collagen boost solutions may just what you’re looking for. Connect with our team today by filling out the form below or calling (805) 544-5567. We’re looking forward to your visit!

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At this time, we are only accepting new patients by referral. Once you receive a referral from your PCP, please fill out the form below or give us a call at (805) 544-5567 to request your appointment. Additionally, all cosmetic consultations require a payment of $125 at the time of booking.