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3 Must-Have Products For The New Year

The end of the year is here and that means time for reflection and time for resolutions. While you likely have a hefty list of goals you’d like to accomplish — both aesthetic and not — we believe everyone could use a little confidence boost. Although true confidence comes from within, it’s never a bad idea to start with the outside.

Treat yourself to great skin in 2021 and add a little glow to your life with the ZO skincare line. 

Here are 3 of our favorite products that will help your confidence soar:

Growth Factor Serum

As we get older our skin changes. This is normal. Collagen production slows, elasticity decreases, firmness waivers, and our skin starts to show visible signs of aging.

While there’s nothing wrong with rocking your natural skin, the result of this transformation can mean under-eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles, and loss of volume. For some, this can lead to self-conscious spiraling. With ZO Growth Factor Serum, it simply doesn’t need to. 

Using patented, innovative technology this superstar product creates a holistic approach to treating the signs of aging. It’s a retinol-free gel product that relies on plant and enzymatically derived growth factors to trigger natural reparations in the skin. Simply put the ingredients cause the skin to heal itself and replenish the lost proteins and enzymes lost with age. 

Even better? It’s fast-acting, so you don’t need to wait six months before you notice a difference. 

before & after zo skin health
*Before & After taken of patient that used the ZO Anti-Aging Protocol including the Growth Factor Serum for 90 days.

Growth Factor Eye Serum

In a similar vein, is ZO’s Growth Factor Eye Serum. Formulated with similar ingredients, this clinically-proven product is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin — making it great for the under eye area where the skin is the thinnest. 

A comprehensive solution, with its easy to use cooling applicator, Growth Factor Eye Serum renews the under-eye area, reducing wrinkles and restoring plumpness. 

Whether you’re looking to treat your own skin or give the gift of great skin, the ZO Growth Factor Eye Serum makes the perfect stocking stuffer. (And we definitely won’t tell if you keep it all for yourself.)

Firming Serum

Another knockout product with anti-aging ingredients, ZO’s Firming Serum earns its rank as one of our faves for a reason — it works! Stacked with an unbeatable formula containing Sodium DNA, biomimetic tetrapeptide, and anti-Inflammatory plant stem cell complex, the lightweight product means business. The Firming Serum visibly tightens skin, while improving skin laxity, and supporting the skin’s natural renewal process. 

This means proven results. 

While we love every ZO product, it’s important to find the ones that work for you. During your next appointment with us be sure to ask about the product line. Skincare is so important to ensuring healthy skin and helping you take on whatever life throws at you with grace and poise. 

We’re excited to find the perfect formula to help you glow all year long. Book your next appointment and let’s talk ZO: (805) 544-5567. 

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