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4 Treatments To Try This Fall

Head into laser season — aka autumn — with complete confidence. Fall is here and no matter how you feel about the cooler weather and shorter days, the season is ripe with opportunity to try a new treatment. With less sun exposure and more time spent indoors, it’s time to break out the lasers and body contouring treatments — it’s their time to shine.

Your comfort and beauty are two of the biggest factors that motivate our team. For this reason, we happily provide a range of non-invasive aesthetic treatment options to help you look and feel wonderful. Here are our 4 favorite ways to celebrate:

IPL Photofacials

There’s no better way to wave goodbye to summer than to reverse the damage it wreaked on your skin. 

Recover from sun damage with an intense pulsed light facial — a fractional laser treatment that targets damage from UV rays, tackling skin issues like sun spots and fine lines. 

The IPL Photofacial relies on short blasts of high-intensity light to stimulate your skin cells to create new collagen, destroying unwanted pigment in the process. The result is firm skin with an even tone and smooth texture. 

Since your skin may be sensitive and irritated following the procedure, you’ll need to avoid the sun to ensure prime results and negate any hyperpigmentation.


It may be time to start layering your clothes, but it’s also time to treat what’s underneath the layers. Start getting rid of those pesky spider veins now so by the time next summer rolls around, you’re ready to bare it all.

Sclerotherapy is a unique treatment that reduces the appearance of varicose and spider veins with an injection directly into the vein itself. In the end, the vein becomes scar tissue and disappears. Depending on the size of the vein, it may require multiple injections over the course of a few weeks or months. 

Although you’ll need to wear loose clothes prior to your treatment, afterward, you’ll be asked to wear compression stockings for a couple of weeks — making it a great choice for a cold weather procedure. 

TempSure® Cellulite Reduction and Body Tightening 

Bikini bodies are made in the fall and winter, and revealed in the summer: Loose skin and cellulite don’t stand a chance this year. 

The procedure works by heating the skin with the RF(radio frequency) device, where the treated skin cells are damaged, thus triggering a response in the body to create new collagen. From there, collagen remodeling occurs: AKA new fibers are created that are tight and dense — giving you firmer, smoother skin.

Because this process can take a few months and multiple sessions, getting things going in early fall is the best way to ensure your desired results. 

SculpSure Body Contouring

Stay warm during the cooler months with the body contouring treatment that uses laser heat to destroy fat cells for good and emerge next summer with the aesthetic of your dreams. 

WarmSculpting body contouring treatments by SculpSure target and reduce fat cells safely without affecting the skin’s surface. The treatment can help you slim down under the chin, in the back, belly, love handles, and thighs and is the perfect supplement to an existing workout or diet plan. 

However, like all good things in life, it takes time. Depending on the number of sessions needed and the treatment area, it can take up to 12 weeks for peak results. 

Embrace the changing season by preparing to change your body and your life with one of our top treatments. We can’t wait to help you fall in love with your look: (805) 544-5567.

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