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Men’s Health Month: Why Men Need Skincare Too 

In honor of Men’s Health Month (and Father’s Day), we’re refreshing all the men on the importance of skin checks and helping you build a solid skincare routine without any frills.  After all, the body’s largest organ is the skin, and yet many people don’t take the necessary steps to protect it. Men tend to be the biggest offenders, often forgoing an established routine altogether.   Your skin is working hard for you everyday – it’s time to use a daily SPF and maintain appearance and function.  Let’s break the cycle — after all, your health depends on it.

As we age, our risk for skin cancer increases, particularly after the age of 50. Men also experience melanoma at a higher rate due to lower use of sun protection, more time typically spent in the sun, and less knowledge on what to look for. Just like getting regular physicals or going to the dentist every six months, paying an annual visit to your dermatologist for a skin check is imperative.

How long does a skin check take?

A full-body skin check only takes up to 30 minutes, depending on your skin (number of moles, sun damage, etc.). 

What can I expect from a skin check?

During the skin check, we will check you from head to toe for any abnormal, new, or irregular spots and/or moles. A skin cancer growth can appear in many forms such as a new, expanding or changing growth, spot, or bump on the skin or a wart that has shifted in color or size.

However, these are not the only signs and symptoms, so it’s important to turn to a professional when it comes to diagnosing a cancerous lesion. Expect your provider to check your family history of skin cancer.  If any irregular spots are found, we may use special tools to remove a sample (biopsy) of skin from the suspicious area. 

What can I do to ensure my results are healthy?

Aside from checking your skin and monitoring any shifts in moles and spots, the best way to ensure healthy skin is through an established medical skincare routine. 

A basic, but effective routine for men includes a daily cleanser, an antioxidant containing moisturizer, and an SPF.   

Why Cleanse?

Cleansing the skin with a daily wash will help to ensure healthier skin. As we go through our everyday lives, the skin builds up dirt and is exposed to environmental impurities. Washing consistently and daily can prevent breakouts and keep pores unclogged.

Our recommendation for men: ZO Exfoliating Cleanser used daily AM & PM

ZO Skin Health Daily Skin Care Program is a great place to start, it’s easy to use and for all skin types.  ZO Daily Power Defense contains antioxidants and DNA repair enzymes that help combat the DNA damage from UV rays;; this aids in preventing certain skin cancers. 

Why SPF? 

It should go without saying, but an SPF is the best way to protect your skin against the sun’s damage.  We recommend investing in an SPF of at least 30, but preferably 50. Either of these are effective in helping to block the sun’s harmful rays. Be sure to apply sunscreen fifteen minutes prior to any sun exposure, and remember to reapply as directed. 

Our recommendation:  ZO Daily Sheer Broad Spectrum Daily SPF 50 used daily in the AM and reapplied as necessary.

Why Moisturize?

A proper moisturizer hydrates and firms the skin. It also works as a barrier to environmental stressors and dirt. 

Our recommendation: ZO Hydrating Creme used daily in the PM
Whether you’re ready to invest in your skincare routine or set up your annual skin check we’re here to help every step of the way. For questions or to set up an appointment please call our office at (805) 544-5567.

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