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4 Common Skin Concerns In The Winter & How To Treat Them

As the weather continues to get colder, our skin needs extra care and attention. The same products and treatments used in the summer and the spring may not translate to fall and winter. Furthermore, the cold weather brings with it different problems than warmer months. Be sure you’re treating your skin with care as the temperature drops — and prepare for that springtime glow!

Here are the top 4 common winter skin concerns during the winter and how to combat them: 

Problem 1: Dryness

Without as much humidity in the air, the air is drier which causes the moisture in your skin to evaporate at a faster rate. This is why it’s so important to have a strong moisturizer during the winter. 

Our pick? The ZO® Hydrating Cream. This medical-grade product is proven to calm, nourish, and help hydrate the skin. Hydrating Cream helps to rebuild the skin’s natural moisture barrier, while also calming inflammation.   

What to do about retinoids? If you are prone to dry skin in the winter months, consider tapering your regimen of retinoids from daily use to 2-3 times a week. Alternatively, adding the ZO® Hydrating Cream as daily supportive care may allow you for continued daily use for those that want to continue an aggressive regimen.  

Problem 2: Redness and irritation

Sometimes referred to as “winter rash”, red, irritated skin occurs when cold air, low humidity, and high winds meet, stripping your skin of moisture. Additionally, turning up the heat and taking hot showers indoors contribute in a similar way. The harsh, unrelenting cycle causes the skin to lose its natural protective skin barrier function leading to an inflamed, chapped, and often painful appearance. 

Two more of our favorite ways to treat and reduce redness are ZO® Skin Health’s Renewal Creme or Overnight Recovery Cream for red, sensitized skin

Problem 3: Dullness

When the skin is dry and irritated, dead cells accumulate on the surface which can lead to a duller complexion. Since dryness and irritation are two hallmarks of winter, it can be difficult to avoid a less radiant appearance. Luckily, a great exfoliator can help. 

We recommend ZO® Skin Health’s exfoliating polish. Through the use of ultra-fine magnesium oxide crystals, this polish gently removes dead skin cells to instantly reveal smoother, softer, glowing skin no matter the season. This is also a great time to add a natural antioxidant, such as the ZO® Self Activating Vitamin C.  Pairing this with a gentle exfoliation regimen and soothing hydrating agents will help you get through the winter months with glowing, healthy, radiant skin.

Problem 4: Brown Spots 

Brown spots may seem like a summer problem, but because of the extreme conditions in winter, the problem is often exacerbated, causing dry patches on the skin to worsen. Additionally, brown spots can also be tied to hormonal imbalances, vitamin deficiencies, and even lack of sleep. 

ZO® Skin Health’s Brightalive is clinically proven to increase luminosity, visibly improve skin clarity, and fade the appearance of dark spots for a brighter, more even complexion. Since the product is effective without retinol, you won’t have to worry about overly dry skin either. 

With full product lines from ZO® Skin Health, we’re here to provide you with the right tools for your skin all year round. Give us a call and discover the right skincare routine for you: (805) 544-5567.

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