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From Professional Care to Personal Routine: Ensuring Lasting Skin Health

Transforming your skincare routine with non-invasive aesthetic treatments is not about indulgence; it’s a strategic approach to enhancing your skin’s health and vitality. When it comes to your body’s largest organ, it’s not an either-or choice between at-home and in-office treatments but about finding the best way to combine them both for optimal results. 

ZO Skin Health Medical-Grade Skincare – The Foundation of Skin Nutrition

At Coastal Dermatology + Aesthetics, our goals are to align your expert-led treatments with preparation and nourishment to have a synergistic effect on your results. ZO® Skin Health offers results-driven formulas focused on maintaining skin at its healthiest state, regardless of stage in life. Treatment-specific protocols are designed to maintain and enhance those outcomes. Whether it’s to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, address acne scarring, reduce the appearance of sun damage, address skin laxity, or curb symptoms of rosacea, our protocols are designed to enhance and maintain the skin’s appearance and health.

The Synergy Between Non-Invasive Treatments and Home Care

When just getting started with non-invasive office procedures, our favorite place to start – as well as finish are those that will strengthen the skin and provide an ideal foundation. These include radiofrequency with Tempsure Envi, Tempsure Firm, Potenza™ RF Microneedling, and Icon Resurfacing. Starting as early as our mid-twenties, cumulative effects of environmental exposures, stress, and aging slow down our cellular function and natural renewal. These procedures are designed to reboot the skin’s natural renewal of collagen and elastin production with minimal downtime. As a truly regenerative medicine treatment, not only is it a great place to start, but it can serve as a solid foundation for maintenance as well as support other treatments, like fillers and “botox”.

HydraFacial is another important component to enhance the absorption and delivery of nutrients to the skin, supporting both a custom-designed ZO Skin Health regimen and in-office procedure. An expertly advised skincare routine should be as individual as the skin it treats. For example, collagen stimulation from a microneedling session can be significantly bolstered by the daily use of ZO Complex A+, a high-quality retinoid. Supportive treatments like Hydrafacials can be monthly.

The frequency of these professional treatments varies per individual and their goals, but generally, most energy-based devices, like those mentioned above, are spaced 4-6 weeks apart in a series of 3-5 sessions. This allows enough time for recovery between treatments. Once a series has been completed, a maintenance plan, at reduced frequency, will continue to support sustained health and enhance the longevity of treatment results.

The fusion of non-invasive aesthetic treatments with high-quality, medical-grade skincare products signifies a comprehensive approach to skin health. It’s not enough to just undergo professional procedures; the continuation of care at home truly allows for the full realization of the skin’s potential. By following our expert recommendations and using products that are compatible with these treatments, you can enjoy a more enduring transformation, ensuring that your skin remains at its most vibrant between visits. Give us a call and schedule your next one today: (805) 544-5567

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